The Lord Is My Shepherd



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Take your kids on a journey from fear to faith with
this lesson from the new Kids’ Travel Guide to the 23rd

Psalm 23 is one of the most well-known and
often-quoted psalms in the Bible. Its message of comfort and
reassurance is welcome at any time in life.

Use this lesson to help kids realize that the 23rd Psalm speaks directly to them. Show them
that God knows what they face in their lives, and that he’s right
there with them–whether they’re tired, facing decisions, or even

Help your kids see that God, our loving shepherd, loves and
watches over us and wants us to be with him forever.

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Departure Prayer (up to 5 minutes)

Items to Pack: scrap paper, pens or pencils, and
a beach towel.

Set out a supply of scrap paper, and have kids form a

Say: Think about some problems you’re facing
right now; then take a few pieces of paper, and on each one write a
word that describes a different problem. When you’re done, scrunch
each paper into a ball. You’ll need these in a

Choose two kids to hold the ends of the beach towel up in the air
so it’s flat.

Say: Our towel-holders
will hold the towel in the air like a bridge for us to go under.
After each person ducks under the towel, he or she will pause a
moment or two, and the rest of us will toss our paper “problems” in
the air over the towel. When you toss, just call out a problem,
then pick up another paper problem and do the same thing. Keep
doing this until everyone has gone under the towel. Remember, we’re
tossing up into the air, not throwing at anyone. Okay? Here we

Form a line on one side of the towel, and let kids take turns
ducking under the towel, pausing, and moving to the other side. As
each child goes under the towel, other kids will toss their paper
wads into the air, pick up new paper wads from the floor, and
continue to throw them into the air and call out problems. During
the game, rotate kids to hold the towel so everyone gets a chance
to walk under it.

After a few minutes, call time. Ask kids to gather the paper
problems and sit in a circle with you. Make sure everyone has at
least one.

Ask: • What was it like to be under the towel
when the paper problems were flying?

• How is this like the way God loves and cares for

Say: Just as the towel gave us protection in our
game, God’s love for us gives us protection in real life. Of
course, some of you got bonked on the head in our game. And in
life, we all face problems sometimes. But even if God allows
problems, he’s always, always with us. •God loves and watches over

Let’s thank God for his wonderful and powerful love. We’ll
go around the circle, and each person will place a paper problem in
the middle of the circle and thank God for loving us when we face
that particular problem. You may want to say something like, “Thank
you, God, for loving us when we face problems at school.” I’ll

Begin the prayer by placing a paper wad in the circle and thanking
God for being with us when we face the problem you name. Then go
around the circle and let each child contribute. Close the prayer
by thanking God for his love and care for us.

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  1. Each week I teach I try to send home a take-home of activities the children can do at home with their family. May I reprint the actions and words in the above lesson plan giving credit to in the take-home for the two weeks we study Psalm 23?
    Thank you for your time and consideration. Jerrie Lynn

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