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The Great Separation

Object lesson: Jesus will return to seperate the good from the bad.

Preparation: For this object lesson you'll need two clear, hard plastic 16-ounce tumblers, model airplane cement, clear fishing line, and two small packages of craft beads (one dark color and one white).

In the bottom of one tumbler, drill eight small holes that are large enough for fishing line to pass through. Cut four 18-inch lengths of fishing line. Insert each end of the line into separate holes in the tumbler with equal lengths of fishing line coming through each hole. Seal the holes containing the fishing line with model airplane cement. For this bible activity, repeat until there's a fishing line running through each hole.

Next, thread the white beads onto each strand of fishing line inside the tumbler. Tie and glue the line at the end of each strand making sure the length of the strand doesn't extend beyond the tumbler's mouth. Remove any excess fishing line. Place the dark colored beads in the other tumbler.

The Message: As you tell the story of the enemy sowing bad seed with the good seed from Matthew 13:24-30, pour the dark beads into the tumbler containing the white beads. Continue telling the story while shaking the tumbler that now contains both colors.

Move both tumblers behind your back and keep them hidden as you pour the dark beads back into their original tumbler. Of course the white beads stay in their tumbler because they're connected by the fishing line.

Say: One day Jesus will return to separate the good from the bad...the Christians from the non-Christians. We don't know when that'll be.

When you bring both tumblers from behind your back, the beads have "amazingly" been separated.

Dean Stone is the executive director of the International Network of Children's Ministry.

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