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Look what we’ve rounded up for your amazing
summer fun!

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Giant Bowling Game

Take this traditionally indoor game outside for giant fun. These
oversized inflatable pins and ball can be set up on a large grassy
area for kids to topple down. Players can get creative — kicking,
rolling, or throwing the large ball to knock over the gigantic
pins. $39.98;

Naturally Playful Sand and Water Activity

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Sand and water — two things that are summer favorites with kids.
This two-sided, elevated play space makes an accessible surface for
everyone. An attached umbrella shades young children as they play
with the center’s bridges, boats, pots, and shovels. This activity
center includes a built-in drain plug and lid with tie-downs.

Sky Ball

This ball has bounce! Only 4 inches in size, this
clear-yet-colorful wonder can bounce up to 75 feet in the air. When
you throw the ball, it can span the length of a football field on
one bounce. Take a baseball bat to the ball and a home run is a
sure thing. Kids will marvel at this tiny ball that’s perfect for
outdoor play in wide-open spaces. $7.99;

Beach Ball Sprinkler

This inflatable beach ball hooks up to a hose and forces water to
fly out of four sprayers on the ball. The ball can be secured in a
stationary position by filling the bottom with water. Or encourage
kids to roll and chase the ball to keep cool this summer.

Bibs to Go

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A perfect item to provide to young families at outdoor summer
outings, this tear-off pad of bibs, made of waterproof disposable
material, will keep babies clean no matter where they are. Brightly
colored illustrations decorate these bibs, which can easily be
secured around a child’s neck with the included seals. $5.06
for a book of 20;

2 in 1 Super Blaster

Host a wildly fun outdoor party with the 2 in 1 Super Blaster foam
machine. This device can be used as a standard foam machine that
drops foam like a waterfall or it can turn into a cannon, throwing
a stream of foam up to 20 feet in the air. Kids will have a blast
playing, dancing, and sliding at your foam parties. $795;

Pumponator Balloon Pumping Station

Make filling balloons with water or air easy with this unique
gadget. You can leave the container empty for filling balloons with
air or fill the container with water, then pump and press to fill
the balloon. Leave the station outdoors for kids to fill their own
balloons on a warm day for tons of cool water fun. $19.95;

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