The Good News of Easter


Ideas for families to discover the Good News of Easter–from Palm Sunday to Resurrection Sunday.

Palm Sunday Discovery

Easter Tree of Promises-Take a family walk and pick up a large branch along the way. When you arrive home, search the Bible for Scripture about God’s promises. Then cut out egg shapes and write God’s promises on the eggs to hang on your Easter Tree of Promises.

Monday Discovery

Welcome Home-The day after Jesus’ celebratory entrance into Jerusalem, he chased money changers out of the temple. Jesus knew it was important for a place of worship to be welcoming. Call your church and volunteer as a family to be a greeter for one of your Easter celebration services.

Tuesday Discovery

Mercy Reminders-When Jesus was crucified he wore a crown of thorns. Take frozen bread dough and twist it into a braid and then into a circle. After it’s raised, have your children poke toothpicks into the bread to represent thorns. Bake the bread. Place the bread on your dining table for the remainder of the week. When someone in your family observes another family member showing mercy or kindness to another, that person can pull a thorn out of the bread crown and place it in a jar or basket. Then during your Easter Sunday meal, share all of the ways that each person observed others lightening another’s burden, just like Jesus did for us on Easter.

Wednesday Discovery

Going Without-Easter reminds us of the great sacrifice Jesus made for each of us. As a family, take the evening to go without a simple daily luxury such as watching TV or turning on the lights. Use the time to instead enjoy telling silly stories under the stars or curled up together on the couch.

Thursday Discovery

Prepare and Serve-Maundy Thursday reminds us that Jesus was preparing his disciples for his death and as an act of love, he served them by washing their feet. To prepare for a weekend of celebration, have each family member serve another such as cleaning a sibling’s bedroom or washing a parent’s car.

Good Friday Discovery

Carry the Burden-As a reminder of Jesus’ suffering on the cross, give each family member a small pebble to place in their shoe for the day. It’ll be uncomfortable but not unbearable. Then at dinner, talk about how it felt to carry that burden all day and what Jesus’ suffering means to you.

Saturday Discovery

Lift High the Cross-An Easter tradition in the Caribbean is a day to “lift high” the cross of Jesus as a reminder of his sacrifice and resurrection. Celebrate as families do in this culture by heading to a local park to fly a kite together for the afternoon.

Easter Sunday Discovery

Jelly Bean Cookies-Jesus’ resurrection is a sweet reminder of how much God loves us. After worship, bake these sweet jelly bean cookies to share with extended family or neighbors on Easter Sunday to remember God’s sweet love for us. Go here for the jelly bean cookie recipe.

The Good News of Easter
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