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Children’s faith growth is a journey, and their images of God
expand as they struggle with life’s complexities. We can contribute
to their spiritual growth by accepting their immature perceptions
and continually challenging them as their ability to think
abstractly develops. We move them, slowly but consistently, from
their perceptions of God as concrete person toward God who reveals
himself as “spirit and mystery”; it’s always a progression, never a

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Peter Christian Olsen is the author of Youth at Risk:
Ministry to the Least, the Lost, and the Last. He’s been a
Christian educator for 25 years, and is a children’s and youth
counselor in New Braunfels, Texas.

Faith Nurturing Tips

Use these simple ways to help kids better understand the

• Questions-Be prepared for the “whys”–the
cause-and-effect questions about good and evil and other faith
issues. Also, ask more questions than you give answers. This
develops a sense of wonder in children.

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• Age-appropriateness-Always use age-appropriate

• Rituals-Expose kids to religious rituals and

• Acceptance-Accept kids’ interpretation of
religious concepts without criticism.

• “Everydayness”-Make conversations about
spiritual matters and Bible content a regular part of your

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