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OOPS #3: We forget how important our role is as the

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Teachers (or storytellers) have a profound impact on their
listeners. Kids’ favorite Bible stories fall into two categories:
Great Adventures (think David and Goliath, Samson the strong man,
Jonah and the big fish, and Moses and the plagues) and,
significantly, Adventures Told by Favorite People. The kids
absolutely loved to hear about the Bible when a familiar adult
shared a meaningful story. Notably, almost all the kids strongly
associated a Bible story with the person they’d heard it from–a
favorite teacher, parent, or relative. The storytellers had a
profound impact on the stories they told. Kids told me all about
how people like Grandpa or Miss Rhonda could make a Bible story
fearful or comforting just in how they told it.

Remember: Teachers help determine whether kids think the Bible is
fact or fiction. “Are Bible stories true or make believe?” I asked
the kids. Unlike Dr. Suess’ rhymes or the Little Golden Books’
tales, children responded with unwavering certainty that the Bible
is truth–not fiction.

“Of course the stories are real,” one child exclaimed to me.
“That’s why they’re in the Bible.” I found that difficult to
contradict. None of the kids I questioned had the slightest doubt
as to authenticity of the Bible, despite their own propensity to
add or subtract from the story in accordance with their perception
of reality (“Pontius was a pilot,” “Moses had a pontoon bridge,”
and “the Samaritan put the stranger in a Motel 6″).

Tell it well. As the person sharing these
important stories with children, savor your role. Tell the stories
well-with gusto and passion. Don’t turn some of the most exciting
history in the world into a boring history lesson. Engage your
kids; get them involved in the story. For ideas on becoming a
better storyteller, go to /articles/weaving-fantastic-stories class="style1">.

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