The Best Intentions


• Empower kids by giving them appropriate choices.
Make choices fun. For example, “Would you like to read this week’s
Bible verse or sing it?” or “Berta, would you like to lead worship
or closing prayer today?” Help children feel important by
brainstorming solutions to classroom challenges: “What can each of
us do to make a new child feel welcome?”

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• Teach children to serve one another in love.
Want to equip kids with an indestructible, independently
rechargeable self-worth mega boost? Create opportunities for them
to share their God-given talents with someone in need; then step
back and watch Jesus’ power work within them.

I was touched by a heart-warming example of this at vacation Bible
camp. I watched as a second-grader compassionately poured two
handfuls of coins and dollars into the Mexico Missions Box. “This
is for Juan and his family,” he softly declared, and a smile
overtook his face as tears welled in his eyes. He knew he was
making a difference in the life of an impoverished family he’d
never even met. I instantly wanted to rush over and tell him how
noble a deed he’d done, but that was totally unnecessary. Knowing
he’d “been Jesus” to someone else was a greater reward than anyone
could’ve offered.

• Pray with each child. Thank God for creating and
loving children just the way they are. Thank God for knowing when
they’ve done well, even when others don’t notice it. Teach them to
pray for God’s help when they need it. Teach them to listen for
God’s encouraging response.

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Moments after the wayward soccer goal, God faithfully answered
Jacob’s prayer for help. Mom and Dad rallied around their defeated
son at the bench. They wrapped him in arms of empathy, cheered his
impressive dribbling and determination, and reminded him how
valuable he was to the team. Just then, a teammate’s humble whisper
joined the party, “Hey, Jacob, it’s okay. I did the same thing
once, too.” Feeling a bit wiser and braver than before, Jacob
climbed the ladder of grace and trotted onto the open field once
again. cm

Davi-Ann Nabors is a child and family counselor, a speaker, and
parent coach in Battle Ground, Washington.

PRAY All the Way

“Pray up” before heading into the classroom.

My favorite prayer sounds something like this: “God, as I prepare
to spend another hour with the children you’ve entrusted to my
care, I ask for your strength, guidance, and grace. Help me to see
each precious child through your admiring eyes, and help my words
and actions be a reflection of your love.”

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