The Apostle Peter Grades 1 to 3


1. Bible Activity: Feed My Lambs-Form pairs and
give each partner a cookie. Have partners feed each other a few
bites of the cookie. Remind kids to be polite and to carefully feed
their partners.

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After a few bites, *ask: What did it feel like to feed someone
else a snack?

Paraphrase the story of Jesus telling Peter to feed his lambs in
John 21:15-17. Explain that the lambs Jesus
was talking about were other people and that Jesus was asking Peter
to “feed” God’s love to others.

*Ask: How can we share God’s love with others just like
we shared the snacks with each other?

*Say: Peter loved Jesus and chose to obey him. After this
story, the Bible tells us that Peter went out and told many people
about Jesus’ love. We can tell others that Jesus loves them,

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2. Craft: Lamb Food-Have kids each decorate a
paper bag to look like a typical dog-food bag, except have kids
write “lamb food” on the bag.

Have kids think of things they might say to share God’s love with
someone. For example, kids might say, “God loves you” or “Jesus
wants to be your friend.” Have kids write these phrases on paper
strips. Then give kids wrapped candy and have them attach one paper
strip to each candy and put the candies into their lamb-food bag.
Encourage kids to “feed Jesus’ lambs” (their friends) by giving
them candy and telling them how much God loves them this week.

Allergy Alert: Some children have food allergies that can be
dangerous. Know your children, and consult with parents about
allergies their children may have.

3. Snack: Food for Thought-You’ll need: 1 1/8
cups peanut butter, 3 1/4 cups powdered milk, 1/2 cup brown sugar,
1 cup granola, spoons, and a large bowl.

Directions: Read aloud Matthew 16:13-19. Then tell children to make
Peter “rocks.” Have kids mix together the ingredients and shape the
mixture into 1-inch rocks. As children eat, ask them to tell the
meaning of their name if they know it.

GRADES 1-3: The Bible Adventures of the Apostle

Contributor: Stephen Parolini

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