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Bible Adventures - Peter

1. Bible Activity: Bad Choices-Have children sit in a circle on the floor. Have children each tell about one of their friends.

*Say: Let's play Friendship Tag. I'll call out something, and you must tag someone who fits what I said. For example, if I say, "Tag someone wearing blue," find someone with blue on and tag that person.

Call out clothing colors, hair colors, names, or physical characteristics.

Afterward, *say: Jesus loves you. He is your friend. Jesus had a special friend named Peter. They liked to spend time together. But one day, Peter said Jesus wasn't his friend. This made Jesus very sad.

Paraphrase the story from Mark 14:66-72. *Ask: Have you ever made a friend sad? What did you do?

*Say: Peter made a bad choice when he said he didn't know Jesus. But Jesus forgave Peter. We need to forgive our friends, too, when they hurt our feelings. Let's practice telling our friends that we're sorry and asking for forgiveness.

Form pairs. Have partners pretend they've been fighting over a toy. Then have them apologize and ask for forgiveness.

2. Craft: Faces-Give kids each a paper plate. Help them draw a happy face on one side of their paper plate and a sad face on the other side. Give them crayons to color the edges of their plate on both sides. Then have them cut the wavy parts of their plate edges. Kids can alternate bending the cut parts forward and backward to create hair for their faces.

Have kids take their faces home to remind them that they have the choice to make their friends happy or sad. Encourage them to choose to make their friends happy this week.

3. Food for Thought-You'll need: 1 1/8 cups peanut butter, 3 1/4 cups powdered milk, 1/2 cup brown sugar, 1 cup granola, spoons, and a large bowl.

Directions: Read aloud Matthew 16:13-19. Then tell children to make Peter "rocks." Have kids mix together the ingredients and shape the mixture into 1-inch rocks. As children eat, ask them to tell the meaning of their name if they know it.

Ages 3 to 5

Contributor: Stephen Parolini


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