Trusting God in the 80/20 Gap


In the space between what you need and what you have in ministry, faith finds room to grow.

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Let’s imagine that God has called your children’s ministry team to establish a preschool co-op for the fall that’ll nurture young children and equip parents to effectively guide the spiritual development of their family. That’s a good thing!

On August 15, with the scheduled opening two weeks away, you have an excellent preschool staff in place (except for one teacher), rich classroom environments (except for blocks and one more table), and a committed behind-the-scenes team (except the Web site specialist who just got transferred out of state).

Welcome to the 80/20 Gap.

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You have a choice: Rebel against the gap of not having everything you need, allow it to wear you down and stay in safe stagnant places, or approach the 80/20 Gap with a combination of humility and confidence.

It’s possible to genuinely seek excellence rather than comfort if you embrace the gap and celebrate the gap. The following are snippets I’ve learned through a journey of five years as a children’s ministry leader in a healthy, growing church.

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