The 12 Gifts of Christmas


3. Family Snowflakes

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Families can celebrate their uniqueness with this cooperative craft

Stuff: Small craft sticks, assorted buttons, and a
hot-glue gun.

Have family members each create a stick person representing
themselves using craft sticks and buttons. Small families can
create extra stick people to represent extended family members such
as grandparents, aunts, or uncles. When everyone’s finished, glue
the feet of the stick people together to form a snowflake.

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Let’s Talk: Ask: Is it really true that no two snowflakes
are alike?

Say: Scientists say the differences between snowflakes are
limitless. Many snowflakes look alike-even under the microscope-but
at closer examination, they differ. God created each person in your
family unique, which makes every family one of a kind-just like
your snowflake.

Families can hang their unique snowflake in a window to remind them
to rejoice in the uniqueness of the family God’s given them.

4. Door Hanger Gifts

Family members can create gifts to remind them of holiday

Stuff: 6×9 envelopes, assorted markers, yarn, scissors,
tape, and scrap paper.

Have each person decorate the front of an envelope to look like a
Christmas gift. Tie a loop with an 18-inch piece of yarn and tape
it to the interior fold of the envelope flap, then tuck the flap
inside the envelope.

Let’s Talk: Have families share the Christmas activities
they’ll participate in.

Say: It’s easy to let the busyness of the Christmas season
distract us from what’s truly worth celebrating-the gift of Jesus.
Hang your gift on your bedroom door. Take home scrap paper, and
throughout December write encouraging words or notes of gratitude
to Jesus for your family members. Place the notes in the gift door
hangers for your family members to tell them how special they are
to you.

5. Keepsake Ornaments

Put a holiday spin on scrapbooking by inviting families to make
personalized holiday ornaments.

Stuff: Tell families to bring favorite photos from the
previous year of memorable events. Provide ornament-making supplies
such as juice lids, glue, ribbon, and glitter.

Families can create memorable ornaments by gluing their favorite
memories, such as vacations, celebrations, and special days, on the
lids and writing a memory on the back.

Let’s Talk: Ask: Why are good memories precious to us? How
do photographs help us remember special times? If you could
photograph a special memory you have with Jesus, what would it be?
In what ways can we remember our “good times” with Jesus?

6. Mitten Angels

Help families make a craft project that brings comfort and warmth
to homeless children.

Stuff: 11/2-inch foam balls, 12-inch squares of white
netting material, gold chenille wires, and assorted pairs of
children’s knit mittens.

Place one foam ball in the center of a piece of white netting
material, then fold the netting around the ball to form the angel’s
head. Use a pair of mittens to create the angel’s wings by wrapping
a chenille wire around the angel’s neck and the mitten thumbs.
Another chenille wire can be used to form a halo.

Let’s Talk: Ask: Describe the best Christmas gift you’ve
ever received. Why was it so special? How would Christmas be
different if you didn’t receive any presents?

Say: Many people go without gifts at Christmas. These
mitten angels can be a very special gift for children in need. I
challenge you to make more angels together at home. Bring your
mitten angels to our Christmas Eve service, and we’ll deliver the
warmth of mittens to a local family or women’s shelter on Christmas

7. Berry Heart Ornament

Families can create these sweet-smelling ornaments for Christmas
and save them to use again as a Valentine’s Day gift.

Stuff: Chenille wires, pony beads, cranberries, glue, and

Have each person thread one pony bead onto a chenille wire. Push
the bead until it’s approximately 1 inch from the end. Then thread
a cranberry onto the chenille wire until it meets the pony bead.
Alternate pony beads and cranberries, leaving enough room to
connect and twist the wire at the ends. Mold the chenille wire into
a heart shape. Glue a ribbon bow to the heart’s bottom point. Tie a
loop hanger made from ribbon at the top of the heart.

Let’s Talk: Have family members describe what love feels
or looks like. Allow time. Say: God showed his love for us on
Christmas when he sent his son, Jesus, into the world. Hang your
sweet-smelling ornaments on the Christmas tree as a reminder of
God’s love for us. Then save your ornament and give it to a friend
on Valentine’s Day. Include a note with the heart to share God’s
love with others.


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