Thanksgiving Turkey Cookie



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The children in your class or at home will love making–and
eating–these candy turkeys.

You’ll need chocolate-covered Oreo cookies, chocolate frosting,
Nestle Jingles candy, chocolate chips, red hot candies, and candy
corn. Kids will use the frosting as “glue” for this snack.

Have each child follow these steps:

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  1. Frost the inside of two chocolate-covered Oreo cookies and
    place them together (for the turkey’s base).
  2. Frost a Nestle Jingle candy to the top of the Oreo cookie base
    (for the turkey’s body).
  3. Frost a chocolate chip to the Nestle Jingle candy (for the
    turkey’s head).
  4. Frost a red hot candy under the chocolate chip (for the
    turkey’s wattle).
  5. Frost the base of the turkey behind the turkey’s body.
  6. Place five candy corns (large tip facing out) to this area (for
    the turkey’s feathers).

After kids each make a candy turkey, have them enjoy their
creation. While they eat, encourage them to talk about all the
things they’re thankful for this Thanksgiving-including yummy

***Here’s the step-by-step video tutorial: 

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