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Thanksgiving Tidbits

Christine Yount Jones

0ArmStickers-034479STICKER TAG
Give each child five stickers. Tell children to play Tag by chasing other children and putting stickers on their clothing. Children cannot peel off any stickers once they've been stuck. Play for three to five minutes. Then have children sit in a circle. If you have any children without stickers, place three stickers on their clothing. Go around the circle and have children peel off one sticker and tell one thing that they're thankful for. Continue around the circle until all the stickers have been removed.

Thanksgiving is a great time to express gratitude for your church pastor's contributions. Here's one way to do that.

  • Ahead of time, have each class make one special gift for the pastor-anything from a clay pot with carved names on it to a hand-painted tie. Let children decide what they'd most like to make.
  • Have children in the older classes create a five-minute dramatic or musical presentation to say thank you to the pastor.
  • Create a giant card for all the children and teachers to sign.
  • Request 15 to 20 minutes of the worship hour on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Have children make their Psalm 100 presentation. Give the giant card to your pastor, and have a representative from each class present their gift.
  • Close with a prayer of thanks for your pastor's leadership.

You'll need two sheets of poster board. Draw a large circle on one sheet and cut it into pie sections so each child has a section.

Give each child a pie section and fine-tipped markers or crayons. Tell children to draw on their pie section things that they're thankful for about their family. Kids may draw a picture of their family going to church, playing baseball, or opening a gift.

Once the pictures are completed, have children glue them to the second sheet of poster board to create a giant wheel. Cut around the wheel. Use a strong fastener to push through the circle's exact center and attach it to a bulletin board.

As children turn the wheel slowly to see the colorful family pictures, have them call out things they see that other children are thankful for. Then close in prayer, thanking God for the special family he's given each child.


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