Thanksgiving Lessons: Grade 1 to 3



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A Bible lesson that will show kids the real meaning of

1. Hit or Miss-(Supplies: a “soft” ball) Point
out a physical feature that almost all your kids have in common,
such as wearing sneakers. Tell kids that it’s against the law in
your class for anyone to have that feature. Then say: “I’m going to
throw this ball at anyone who dares to break that law in my
classroom. If you’re hit with the ball, you have to go stand in my
jail in that corner. Another rule is that after I throw the ball,
you have to give it back to me. You better run!”

Throw the ball at children until almost every “offender” is out.
Then bring children back together.

Ask: “How did you feel during this game? Did you feel
that my rules were fair? Why or why not?”

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Read aloud Matthew 5:10-12.

Ask: What do these verses say about persecution? What
is persecution?

Say: “Religious persecution is when someone mistreats
you because of what you believe.”

Say: “A long time ago, the Pilgrims were persecuted in
England for their faith in Christ. They chose to leave their
country and come to America so they could worship God
freely-without persecution. What do you know about the Pilgrims’

Say:” This month, we’ll celebrate Thanksgiving. The
Pilgrims and their American Indian friends had the very first
Thanksgiving dinner. What do you think the Pilgrims were most
thankful for?”

Say: “The first Thanksgiving was a special celebration
so the Pilgrims could thank God for the way he had watched over

2. W.W.J.D.?-(Supplies: Con-Tact paper,
scissors, and permanent markers.) Guide children in making “What
Would Jesus Do?” (W.W.J.D.?) stickers. Have kids cut the Con-Tact
paper into shapes and then write W.W.J.D.? on the stickers. Tell
children that when someone makes fun of them for being a Christian,
they can look at their stickers and remember how Jesus would

Allergy Alert: Some children have food allergies that can be
dangerous. Know your children, and consult with parents about
allergies their children may have.

3. Snack: Plain popped corn, salt,
butter-flavored salt, sugar, cinnamon, Parmesan cheese, and

Directions: Give each child a bowl of plain popcorn.
Tell children that the American Indians and Pilgrims ate corn in
many different ways, such as corn-on-the-cob, soup, bread, and even
popcorn! Have children put their choice of seasoning on their
popcorn, or eat this Thanksgiving snack plain.


Kenn Gorman is a children’s minister in Wenatchee,

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