Thanksgiving Lessons: 3 to 5


An easy-to-use Sunday School lesson that will teach kids
the real meaning of Thanksgiving.

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1. Friends!-(Supplies: paper, tape, and crayons.) When
children arrive, greet each one excitedly and say, “Hi, friend!”
Then direct children to paper taped to the wall. Have children draw
pictures of their friends.

2. Warm Welcome-Have your class think of all the things
they could do or say to make a visitor feel welcome in their class.
Then have them do and say those things to a real or pretend

Afterward, say: “A long time ago, the American Indians were the
first people in America. This was their home. One day, some people
called the Pilgrims came from a faraway land to America. They rode
over the ocean in big boats. They were visitors in this big new
land. The American Indians welcomed them and helped them learn how
to live here. They taught them how to plant crops so they would
have food.”

Read aloud Proverbs 17:17. Ask: “Were the Native
Americans the kind of friends that God talks about in the Bible?
Were they helpful and loving?”

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3. Music-Makers-(Supplies: small cardboard tubes, beans
or rice, plastic wrap, rubber bands, wrapping paper, curling
ribbon, and clear cellophane tape.)

*Say: “To celebrate their new home and friendships, the Pilgrims
and American Indians had the very first Thanksgiving dinner. They
wanted to give thanks to God for all the ways that he had taken
care of them and given them what they needed. We’re going to sing a
song of thanksgiving to God with all of our friends-just as the
Pilgrims did-but first we need to make musical instruments.”

Give each child a paper tube. Wrap plastic around one end of the
tube and secure it with a rubber band. Put about 1/2 cup rice or
beans in the tube, then wrap the other end with plastic and a
rubber band. Help children wrap and tape the wrapping paper around
their tubes. Twist the ends of the paper and tie curling ribbon
around the ends.

4. Thanksgiving Song-Lead children in singing this song
to the tune of “Jesus Loves Me.” Have kids shake their music-makers
as they sing, “Thank you, Jesus, I will sing. You’re my Savior and
my King. Thank you for my friends today. I’ll praise You
Thanksgiving Day. Chorus: Yes, we thank Jesus (3x), Because he
loves us so.”

5. Snack-You’ll need: Plain popped corn, salt,
butter-flavored salt, sugar, cinnamon, Parmesan cheese, and

Directions: Give each child a bowl of plain popcorn.
Tell children that the American Indians and Pilgrims ate corn in
many different ways, such as corn-on-the-cob, soup, bread, and even
popcorn! Have children put their choice of seasoning on their
popcorn, or eat it plain.

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This lesson was designed for use with grades PRE-K –


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