Thanks, Mom


Theme: Mother’s Day
Scripture: Proverbs 1:8-9

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Overview: Children will honor their mothers by
creating paper chains describing some of the things their mothers
have taught them.

Preparation: You’ll need a Bible, watercolor
markers, and transparent tape or a stapler. Prepare at least twenty
one-by-four-inch strips of colored paper for each child and one
two-by-eight-inch strip for each child.


Give each child at least twenty paper strips. Provide several
watercolor markers for kids to share. Say: Since we’re celebrating
Mother’s Day this week, we’re going to think about our mothers
today. On each slip of paper, write one thing your mother has
taught you.

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If kids have trouble, spark their thinking with ideas such as
how to eat, how to dress, how to turn on a faucet, how to open a
door, and so on.

After kids have completed their strips, have them make paper
chains by looping each strip with another strip then taping or
stapling it to create a “link.” Then demonstrate how to make a
chain into a necklace by looping the ends together. Have kids put
their paper chains around their necks. Ask:

  • How did you feel as you thought of all those things your mother
    has helped you learn?
  • How important are the things you’ve learned from your

Say: The things we’ve learned from our mothers have helped us
become who we are. God wants us to keep learning from our mothers
just as we already have.


Have someone read aloud Proverbs 1:8-9. Ask:

  • How can a mother’s teaching be like a garland for your head or
    a chain for your neck?|
  • What does the paper chain you made do for your appearance?
  • How does your chain honor your mother?


Have children each write on a two-by-eight-inch strip of paper a
message thanking their mothers for all they have taught them. Then
tell them to loop the strip around the necklace and let it hang
from the chain like a pendant. Encourage kids to give the necklaces
to their mothers.

Wrap up your devotion by thanking God for all that mothers teach

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