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Mom always said to “say thank you” and “don’t forget thank you notes.” Turns out, she knew what she was talking about (Go, Mom!) – studies show that people who have an “attitude of gratitude” are happier, healthier, and more successful. Wow! That’s a lot of gain for a simple “thank you.”

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God wired us to be thankful people. We know that, in addition to teaching our children good manners,  we need to help our children develop an “attitude of gratitude,” and to appreciate the amazing gifts God has given us and continues to give us every day.

Mom knew that thankfulness – like so many other things – takes practice. And practice works best when we make it fun and creative for our children. Group has put together some fun, simple, low-cost ideas that any family can use to increase their “thankfulness factor.” Plus, we’re giving away free downloadable music to help add to a more thankful mood.

Please visit us at today. And thank you in advance for  passing this link site along to families who might need more thankfulness in their lives!

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