Thankful for our Bodies: Grades 4 to 6

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1. Body Graffiti-*Say: Today, we’re
going to celebrate Thanksgiving by celebrating a gift that God has
given us every day-our bodies.

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Write the letters T-H-A-N-K-S on separate sheets of paper. Have
children think of parts of their bodies (both internal and
external) that begin with each letter and write those words by the
appropriate letter. Remind kids to keep their body part selections
clean. Bring the group together and read the graffiti. Then write
the words to Psalm 139:14 on a large sheet of newsprint or
a chalkboard. Have children take turns reading the verse four

2. Body Exchange-Form pairs. Give each
child a 3X5 card. Have each person write one body part from the
graffiti board on his or her card. The object of the game is to see
how many cards can be exchanged within five minutes. On “go,”
children say, “If I didn’t have a (body part on the card), I’d need
you to ( ) for me.” For example, kids may say “If I didn’t have
eyes, I’d need you to see for me.” Then have them trade cards and
find new partners. When finished, have them sit down and tell which
body parts they’re most thankful for and why.

3. Show Me-Form four groups. Have each
group take a section of Psalm 139:14. Have each group mime its
section in sequence until the entire group can say the verse from

4. Snack-You’ll need: For every four
children, you’ll need a one-quart jar with a tight-fitting lid, 1
3/4 cups milk, and one small package of vanilla instant pudding.
You’ll also need small cups and spoons.

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Directions: Put the milk and instant pudding in the jar
and close it tightly. Have children pass the jar around the circle
and shake it until it becomes pudding. This usually takes around
three to five minutes. Encourage students to think about how
they’re using their bodies to help each other. Serve the pudding in
small cups.

5. Thankful Prayers-Have children
think about how they were helped during this class because of the
way someone else used his or her body. Then have children thank
those people for using God’s gift of their bodies for service. Have
each child tell how he or she can pass the same kind of blessing on
to someone else.

Close in prayer, thanking God for the gift of healthy

Bobbie Bower is a children’s ministry consultant in

You may have children with physical disabilities in your class. If
you do, be sensitive to their feelings of not having perfect
bodies. Help them focus on all the parts of their bodies-internally
and externally-that work perfectly. Encourage them to thank God for
these parts of their bodies.


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