Take Your Kids on a Prayer Walk


Take your kids on a prayer walk around your neighborhood. Here’s how.

Say: We’re going on a silent prayer walk. We won’t talk to each other or to anyone we meet. I’ll give hand signals to tell you when to go, stop, or turn. As we walk, we’ll see individuals or groups of people. Silently pick out the people you’d like to pray for, and pray as you walk by them. After we return to our class, we’ll talk about our experiences. Once we step out of this room, there’ll be no talking until we return and I tell you it’s OK to talk. Let’s go!

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Lead kids around the neighborhood that surrounds your church. Gauge the length of your walk according to your kids’ attention span. When you return to your room, ask:

  • What kinds of feelings did you experience during our prayer walk?
  • What did you learn from praying this way?
  • How did our prayer walk change the way you look at people?

Close by praying: Lord, thank you for the privilege of praying for people. Thank you for loving each person-friend or stranger-we prayed for today. Help us keep seeing people through your eyes. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Extra Idea! Do a similar prayer walk within the walls of your church. Pause beside each room where people are meeting, and pray for those people. Visit the pastor’s study, and pray for him. Stand in the pulpit area, and pray for people who lead your services. Pray around the musical instruments. You may want to leave little notes in each location that say, “(Name of your class) prayed for you today. God bless you!”

Take Your Kids on a Prayer Walk
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