Taking Care of God’s World


Today’s kids are constantly bombarded with environmental
messages. However, some of these messages-if from questionable
sources-can promote an idolatrous worship of nature. Help your kids
understand the real reason for Christians getting involved in
environmental issues-it’s their God-given task!

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Gather the following supplies: one blindfold for every two students
for the Hug-a-Tree activity or individual lunch bags each with a
different-texture nature item inside-such as a smooth leaf, a
thistle, a pine branch, garden soil, a feather, a rock and a piece
of animal fur-for the Creation Mysteries activity; Bible;
newspapers; paper grocery bags; paper; and crayons or

If a wooded area isn’t available to your group, go on to the
Creation Mysteries activity.

Form mixed-age pairs. Take the group to a place with several

Say: Blindfold your partner and lead him or her to a
tree-any tree. Have your blindfolded partner hug the tree and feel
it very carefully to learn about the tree. Then lead your
blindfolded partner back to me, spin the partner around three times
and take off the blindfold. Trade places and repeat the

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Afterward, see how many kids can identify the tree they

Ask: How did it feel to hug a tree? How did you feel when
you did or didn’t recognize the tree you hugged? Explain. What do
you like about trees?

Say: Trees are part of God’s gift to us, and we need to
take care of them. God put trees in the first garden on Earth.
Today we’re going to talk about what happened in that garden and
the important job God gave to us through Adam.

If you did the Hug-a-Tree activity, go on to the next

Form a circle. Have kids pass around the bags with the nature items
inside. Have kids take turns feeling what’s in the bags, without
looking. Afterward, let the younger kids tell what they think each
bag contains. Then spread the mystery items out on a table.

Ask: What can you learn about things without using your
eyes? Which was your favorite thing to touch?

Say: God has given us the very important job of taking
care of all these things. Let’s take a trip back to Earth’s
beginning to learn more about our God-given task.

Say: Let’s make the Garden of Eden-where God put the first
people he ever made.

Have kids volunteer for the following parts: narrator, Adam, two
people to stretch out on the ground as a river, two “generic”
trees, the tree of life and the tree of having the knowledge of
good and evil. All the other kids will be birds or animals. Have
volunteers stay in their seats until the narrator reads aloud the
Bible passage.

Say: Listen and be ready to take your place in the garden
as you hear your part in this Bible story.

Have the narrator read aloud Genesis 2:15-20, pausing and cueing kids to
perform their assigned parts. Afterward, úask: What do you think
the Garden of Eden was like? What job did God give Adam? Have you
ever helped take care of a garden? What do you like about
gardening? dislike about gardening?

Say: I think Adam enjoyed taking care of the garden and
watching over all the animals. But soon Adam and Eve disobeyed God
and did something he told them not to do. God made them leave the
garden. Then more and more people were born and they began to
spread all over the Earth. Now we have the whole world to take care

Ask: Do you think we’re doing a good job taking care of
the Earth? Why or why not?

Say: Let’s see how well we’re taking care of God’s world.
We’re going to go on a look-and-listen walk. I want you to be
totally silent-no talking at all. Listen for all the sounds you can
hear, and look around for any garbage or pollution. Pick up any
garbage to throw away later. Don’t talk until we’re back here

After a two-minute walk outside, bring kids back inside and discuss
sights and sounds. Ask about the natural and the human-made sounds.
Talk about natural beauty and human-made pollution.

Ask: How do you think God feels when he sees how people
have messed up his beautiful world?

úSay: Let’s play a game called Clean Sweep to help us understand
how God feels.

Have kids count off by threes. Have groups 1 and 2 form a big
circle. Give each child in the circle a sheet of newspaper. Give
each child in group 3 a paper grocery bag. Have kids in group 3 get
on their hands and knees in the middle of the circle.

On “go,” have groups 1 and 2 tear their newspapers into little
pieces and throw the pieces into the circle. Have group 3 keep the
circle clean by picking up all the paper and putting it in the
bags. Call time after one minute and see if group 3 was able to
keep the circle clean.

Afterward, have everyone gather the paper shreds. Then ask: How did
you feel when you threw all that garbage into the circle? How did
you feel trying to keep the circle clean? How is this game like or
unlike what’s happening in the world? Explain. Do you think God
feels the same way the kids in group 3 felt? Why or why not? How
does being a Christian make a difference in the way we feel about
keeping the Earth clean? How do you help care for the Earth? What
else can you do to help care for the Earth?

If kids haven’t already mentioned these things, bring them up:
recycle, walk or ride a bike instead of asking for a ride in a car,
and use water and other resources carefully.

Give kids each a sheet of paper and a crayon or marker. Read aloud
Psalm 104:24.

Have kids divide their papers in half. Have them each draw on one
half a picture of their favorite thing from nature. On the other
half, have them draw or write one thing they’ll do this week to
help take care of God’s wonderful world.

Afterward, ask volunteers to show what they drew or wrote.
Encourage kids to tell their parents about their plans.

Form a circle. Have volunteers finish the sentence prayer, “Thank
you, God, for creating…” Close by asking for God’s help in taking
good care of his wonderful world.

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