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Two years ago, we started asking children's ministers, "What's the biggest thing you struggle with?" "Getting volunteers," they said!

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Then we took a hard look at curriculum. "Maybe all our creativity is making it hard for volunteers," we thought. So we created an initial concept (that would become Buzz curriculum), but it didn't look anything like Buzz does now. We talked to children's ministers across the country and asked them to help us shape it. And, God bless 'em! Children's ministers have lots of great opinions.

We went back to the drawing board several times…until we reached a version of Buzz that people said YES! YES! That's exactly what we need! It truly is "if it's in the lesson, it's in the box"!!!!

It was an amazing process…a huge learning experience…and something that I'm so grateful I got to be a part of. Recently, Becki Manni, our senior editor, sent me this email from someone who's using Buzz: "I have been thrilled with this curriculum!  It is wonderful.  I run the children's department and we had been using Faithweaver for most of their lives.  It was time for something drastic!  This was the answer.  It is fun, engaging and most of all it hits on our top priorities:  Bible and Prayer!  I am also the parent of a 5 and a 3 year old.  For the first time they are getting it – they are able tell me what they learned – we actually do the homework (sorry we didn't do the Faithweaver stuff).  Our children are really thriving with this curriculum – keep up the great work!"

God is so good! We asked him to show us how to serve the church with their biggest need…and God faithfully answered! So if you struggle to get volunteers because they say they're too busy, they don't have time to prepare or collect supplies, or they're not a teacher, you have to check out Buzz…Go to group.com/buzz. I think you'll be amazed!

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