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Swim, Jonah, Swim!

Age Level: 6 to 10

Bible Connect: Jonah and the Big Fish (Jonah 1)

Materials: A swimming pool

This is a great game to play at camp or at a church pool party. You'll need a lifeguard and extra volunteers to monitor safety.

Select one person to be the "Big Fish." Have everyone else jump in the pool and swim around, but tell kids they aren't allowed to be within 3 feet of the sides of the pool. When the Big Fish shouts, "Big Fish!" he or she tries to tag others in the pool before they can touch the sides of the pool. The first person tagged is the next Big Fish. If no one is tagged, the Big Fish starts over.

Dry-Off Debrief: Read aloud the Scripture. Ask: Was it easy or difficult to get away from the Big Fish? Explain. How is this game like or unlike how Jonah felt when swallowed by the fish? What did Jonah do when he was captured? What can you do when you're afraid?


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