Survey Results: Attention-Getting Publicity Ideas


In a recent CHILDREN’S MINISTRY Magazine survey, we asked
readers, “How do you get kids’ attention?” Most children’s
ministers who responded agreed that the worst way to get kids’
attention is by unexcited leaders who announce the event and never
do anything else.

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Top-notch publicity hounds, however, use a mixture of anything
from floats in parades, clowns, personal phone calls, selling
tickets to the event, letters, announcements, word of mouth,
getting friends to invite friends, mail-outs, signs, newsletters,
Sunday bulletins, fliers, and video announcements.

Will these people stop at nothing? We think not! Look at all the
wild publicity stunts they told us they’ve done!

“For the Fourth of July, we erected a three-story high American
flag at our site (near a busy intersection) and backlit it at
night. We also get the most popular kids to sign on first. We have
kids work for ‘scholarship’ money by making phone calls to invite
other kids.”
K.C. Jones
Lakewood, California

“For a ‘jungle’ theme VBS promotional, we had a ‘gorilla’ with a
VBS T-shirt do back flips down the center aisle during
announcements — and the pastor interviewed him.”
Jan Strykowski
Libertyville, Illinois

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“I’ll dress up to relate to the theme. Our VBS was a military
theme, so I came in a military uniform.”
Jimmy Williams
Bridgewater, New Jersey

“We have ‘destination unknowns'; we tell the parents about the
event but keep it from the children.”
Darren Davidson
Lincolnton, North Carolina

“We offered pony rides (for free) our last day of vacation Bible
school. One of our families had the horses they offered to
Byron Holz
Wheat Ridge, Colorado

“We dressed up two youth as ‘Teenage Mutant Christian Fishes’ to
encourage kids to come to meetings!”
John Hagge
Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

“I turned flips on the sidewalk.”
Nancy Ridgeway
Fayette, Alabama

“For a VBS beach theme kickoff, I “interrupted” the worship
service wearing every type of beach item available. It got
everyone’s attention.”
Darrel Combs
Tampa, Florida

“If the kids brought at least 35 other kids to visitation — and
they did — I let them tar and feather me with chocolate syrup and
Chuck Thomas
Memphis, Tennessee

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