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Sunshine Prayers

SunshineTeach kids to pray with this fun, summery craft! You'll need a permanent marker, 3- to 4-inch Styrofoam balls, stickers, washable markers, and tongue depressors. You'll need one ball and at least five tongue depressors per child.

Let kids decorate the tongue depressors and foam ball with stickers and washable markers. Then ask kids who they'd like to pray for, and use the permanent marker to print the names on the tongue depressors. Help kids stick their tongue depressors into the ball like rays of the sun. Read the names on kids' sun rays and pray with them for those people. Kids can also spin their sunshines and pray for the person whose ray is closest. Encourage kids to take home their sunshines as a reminder to pray for the important people in their lives. Kids can even pull out an individual ray of sun and hold it as they pray for that person.

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