Sunday School Teacher’s Survival Kit


Let your Sunday school teachers know how much you value them with this easy Sunday School Teacher’s Survival Kit (with heart!).


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Fill a zippered plastic bag with one each of the following items:

  • a rubber band,
  • a tissue,
  • a button,
  • a toothpick,
  • a bandage,
  • a Hershey’s Kisses chocolate candy,
  • a gold thread,
  • an eraser,
  • a Life Saver candy, and
  • a mint.
  • Add a copy of the “Teacher’s Survival Kit” (below)

This kit is for you! Use it in your life and ministry.

  • The rubber band is to thank you for all those times you give loving hugs to the kids — and to remind you that I’m hugging you back each time you love a child.
  • The tissue is to help you dry one more child’s tears — or maybe your own so you can see the tears of others more clearly. Remember that I weep along with you.
  • The button is to remind you to “button your lip” when you would be justified in saying something to an unruly child or an angry parent but know it would be wiser to remain silent.
  • The toothpick is to help you “pick out” the excellent qualities of your children and yourself. Remember that I’m not done with either of you yet!
  • The bandage is to help you heal the hurts of your students — and your own. Remember that I was wounded for you.
  • The Hershey’s Kisses candy is because I know you like chocolate, and I like seeing you enjoy life!
  • The gold thread is to help us tie our hearts together because my friendship with you is golden!
  • The eraser is to remind you that everyone makes mistakes sometimes — and that’s OK. Be ready to forgive your kids and yourself, just as I have forgiven you.
  • The Life Savers candy means you are a “lifesaver” in this ministry, and because I want you to think of me as your lifesaver whenever you need to cry out for help. Remember that I’m always listening.
  • The mint is to remind you that you are worth a “mint” to me!

Love, Jesus

Sunday School Teacher’s Survival Kit
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