How to Feed a Group of Preteens on the Road


When you take preteens on summer trips, it’s best to feed them with Call Ahead Meals. Here’s how.

Stopping at a fast-food restaurant with a bus full of kids can take way too much time and create a headache for the restaurant staff and customers. That may not be the publicity you want for Jesus — “Ooh! Those Christians!” You get the picture.

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So how can you feed all those bottomless stomachs?

For any road trip this summer, identify where you’ll need to stop to eat. Locate a public park with restrooms near a restaurant of your choice in that city. Contact the restaurant manager ahead of time to arrange meals to be delivered to the park at a certain time.

Choose 3 menu items, such as a McDonald’s Happy Meal, chicken or Big Mac Extra Value Meal. When kids and adults arrive to leave for your trip, take their food orders. Then call the restaurant manager, place your order, and confirm the time you’ll arrive.

If kids are paying for their meals, charge them all the same price. Take along a cell phone to alert the manager of any delays. Take along balls and Frisbee flying discs for kids to play with at the park to burn off energy.

Please keep in mind that phone numbers, addresses, and prices are subject to change.

How to Feed a Group of Preteens on the Road
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