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Summer Arts and Crafts

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What you'll need: sand, powdered tempera paint, glue, card stock, small bowls, paintbrushes, water, and crayons.

Here's a new way for kids to celebrate God's creation.

For each sand color, pour ¼ cup sand and 1 tablespoon powdered tempera paint into a small bowl or paper cup. Have children follow these steps:

• Draw a picture with a crayon on a sheet of card stock.
• Use glue to "draw" over the lines on your drawing.
• Sprinkle colored sand on the glue.
• Allow picture to dry for 10 to 15 minutes before you shake off the extra sand.
• To cover large areas of a picture, paint the areas with diluted glue. Then sprinkle colored sand on the area.


What you'll need: wooden spoon for each child, glue, foil, markers, cotton balls, yard, fake fur, fabric, ribbon, and scissors.

These spoon puppets become great storytelling props for later.

Give each child a wooden spoon. You can even have kids bring these from home to keep the costs down.

Tell kids to:

• Choose a person from the Bible and draw that person's face on the oval part of your spoon.
• Dress your person according to what he or she would've worn.

Suggestions: Cotton balls or yarn can be used for beards or hair. Fake fur and fabric work for clothing. And foil makes great weapons and armor.

Once the spoon puppets are made, have kids use them to retell Bible stories.

Beverly Schwind
Fairfield Colade, Tennessee


What you'll need: colorful magazines or catalogs, scissors, jewelry cord, small craft beads, toothpicks, and glue.

This is a beautiful environment-friendly craft.

Have children follow these steps:

• Cut colorful magazine pages into 25 long triangles. These triangles need to be 1 inch at the base and at least 8 inches long.
• With the most colorful side facing down, place the toothpick at the base of the triangle.
• Roll the toothpick toward the point, wrapping the paper around the toothpick as you roll.
• Add a dab of glue at the paper point and press against the rolled paper. Once the glue has dried, remove the toothpick.
• When all the paper beads are dry, string them onto the jewelry cord and place craft beads between the paper beads.


What you'll need: several colors of polymer clay, wax paper, rolling pin, knife (adults only), small cookie cutters, permanent marker, pin back for each child, and a hot glue gun (adults only).

Children love squishing clay with their hands. Once they've pounded, kneaded, rolled, and shaped this clay, they'll have neat clay pins to wear or give away.

Tell kids to:

• Choose two colors of clay.
• Knead the clay until soft.
• Flatten one color of clay into a rectangle.
• Place the clay between two sheets of wax paper and flatten with a rolling pin. Roll until you have a rectangle that is 1/8 inch thick.
• Follow the previous steps with the other color of clay.
• Peel off the wax paper and stack the rectangles on each other.
• Have an adult cut the layers into strips 3 inches long and 1/8 inch wide.
• Place four strips side by side with alternating colors facing up. Repeat with four more strips, and place the second stack on top of the first, creating a checkerboard pattern.
• Have an adult cut the stack into 1/8 inch thick slices.
• Place slices side by side to create a larger checkerboard.
• With a cookie cutter, cut the checkerboard piece into a shape.
• Use a permanent marker to write your initials on the back of the shape.
• To harden the clay, bake it according to the clay's package directions.

Once the clay is hardened and cool, help the kids hot glue a pin back to the back of their design. Allow the glue to dry before wearing.


What you'll need: 4x6 index cards, magazines, old greeting cards, scissors, and glue sticks.

With kids on vacations this summer -- and with sporadic church attendance -- this is a great craft to keep kids in touch with one another.

Have kids cut out of magazines words or phrases that have friendship themes, such as "friends forever," "best friends," "pal," or "buddy." Kids can also cut out words that make them think of friends, such as "giggling," "fun," or "good times." Have kids glue the phrases on one side of each 4x6 card to create friendship collage cards. Kids can make more than one card. Collect the cards when they're complete. When a child is absent, use the blank side of the card to write a note and the child's address. Attach a postage stamp and drop the card in the mail.

Please keep in mind that phone numbers, addresses, and prices are subject to change.

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