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Stressed-Out Kids

Dr. Les Parrott III


Conventional wisdom holds that stress doesn't begin before late adolescence or early adulthood. Truth is, today's children are unlike any generation before them. They're stressed-out. Stress in childhood is a problem every teacher needs to be equipped to handle.

"Because of stresses at home, kids are coming to school with a low threshold to handle any additional stress."
The Denver Post

"Millions of young children aren't being emotionally prepared for school or life, and the whole nation is suffering as a result."
USA Today

You've seen kids who act out, act up, or withdraw whenever the classroom setting becomes stressful. They'll pull away, get upset, or become angry. It's not that they're "bad" kids; they're just stressed kids. They come to your program with their stress cup full, and they can't handle one more drop of stress.

Much of today's childhood stress is due to the fragmenting family. The family meltdown recently prompted the American Psychological Association to rate "the decline of the nuclear family" as today's #1 threat to children's mental health. Because kids' homes are stress zones, they have a low threshold for stress when they come to church.

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