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Our Group leadership team just went away to the mountains for our spring Leader Retreat. It was so amazing!

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We spent a lot of time looking at the barriers that we’re facing in our work. We met in teams and brainstormed and shared and laughed and cried. (One of the purposes of the retreat is to grow together as friends so that facilitates trust in all our interactions. It works!)

The "aha" for me–and maybe all of us–was after we’d listed our barriers and itemized points underneath each one, our Brand Champion, Jeff White, spoke up. He said that we could transform each negative barrier into a positive statement that fit our five core values. And he was right. Our values are innovation, people-friendliness, authentic learning, quality, and servanthood.

It was brilliant. And it was a great (long) exercise to get to the realization that whenever we’re experiencing barriers in our work, ministries, and life…perhaps we’re not being true to our core values.

Maybe that insight will save you hours of processing. If you’re blocked somehow, what core value do you need to get back to?

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