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stocking1Age Level: 6 to

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Materials: Assorted colors of felt, scissors,
hot glue, a glue gun, craft glue, puffy paint, and gift

Time: About 30 minutes

Give these unique Care Kits to members of your community this
Christmas. Recipients might include newborns, those in the
hospital, those less fortunate, veterans, grandparents, or

For each Care Kit, have kids create a stocking out of felt. Use
colors other than red and green to give your stockings a unique
quality. For instance, use pink for newborn girls and blue for
newborn boys.

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With adults supervision: Using a glue gun,
connect two felt cutouts of stockings. Have kids use craft glue to
attach a white cuff around the top of the stockings and write a
Scripture reference or blessing on it with puffy paint. Set aside
the stocking to dry.

You can fill stockings with goodies appropriate to their
recipients. For instance, stuff a newborn’s stocking with
washcloths, a sample body wash, socks, and a small toy. Stuff a
volunteer’s stocking with a candy bar, a personalized notepad or
calendar, a gift pen, and a T-shirt.

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