Step-by-Step Relay


Hula -hoop

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Kids will navigate your plan to get through your crazy challenge

Scripture: Proverbs 16:9
You’ll Need: Water balloons, a ladder,
newspapers, six hula hoops, and a Bible

Before kids arrive, set up the following obstacles about 10 feet

  1. Water Balloon Break: Set out a bucket of water
    balloons. Each child will break a water balloon by sitting on
  2. Ladder Run Place: a wooden ladder on the
    ground. Kids will run through the rungs. (Position someone to hold
    onto the ladder.)
  3. Newspaper Walk: Set out sheets of newspaper.
    Kids will take two sheets and walk to the next station by putting
    newspaper under their feet with every step.
  4. Hula-Hoop Hop: Set out six hula hoops on the
    ground. Kids will hop from one to the other without touching the
    hoop’s edges.

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    When kids arrive, demonstrate the plan for completing the course.
    Then have kids take turns going through while others cheer them on.
    After everyone has completed the course, read aloud the


  • What was the hardest part of this obstacle course for you?
  • What’s something you have a hard time with in real life?
  • How has God led you step-by-step through hard times?

This activity is part of the camp idea “Camp
” which was excerpted from Children’s Ministry Magazine.
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