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Recently my 13-year-old told me after seeing the Celebration Station video of the woman washing Jesus' feet that he'd never heard that story before. What!? Never heard that story!? This is a child that's been in children's ministry and in my home for 13 years! What's the deal?

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This issue always make me think of something my husband asked me when our oldest was around 6. Grant had brought home a take-home sheet from Sunday school and Mike asked me, "Is there any story besides Noah's ark?"

These are two stories that illustrate a pervasive problem in children's ministry. I wonder if kids are getting the overall scope of the Bible if we're always changing curriculum and starting over from the beginning–year after year after year. So there's lots of Noah but not lots of the Bible in its entirety.

I'm actually at a point where I'd like to encourage children's ministers to spend in-depth time choosing a curriculum–and then stick with it through it's entire scope and sequence (whether that's 2 or 3 years or more). Trust your instincts and God's direction and stick with the plan. Now, of course, I think for all sorts of reasons that Group has all the underlying stuff that makes for great Bible learning, but seriously, even if you don't pick Group's curriculum….stick with what you do choose.

It's the only way for kids to get to walk through the Bible and get the whole of God's story. And there are so many riches beyond Genesis. Let's saturate kids with all of God's Word!

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