Statistics September October 2011


10 to 11 The daily recommended hours of sleep for 7-to

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7 of the top 10 grossing movies of 2010 were kids’ movies with
Toy Story 3 taking the top spot at $415 million.

25% of kids in the United Kingdom who admit trying to hack into
a friend’s Facebook account-even though 78% say it’s

70% The percent of parents who say they let their kids use an
iPad.  Following the release of the PBS KIDS, PBS
reported that parents downloaded an average of 8 apps specifically
for their kids.

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90% of downloading parents said educational value was the most
important criteria when choosing an app.

TEACHING TODDLERS Your nursery can be more than mere
“childcare.”  Offer simple toys for kids to explore, then
offer a sentence to tie the object faith.  If a child is
playing with a toy tiger, say, “God made tigers, and God made

PRESCHOOL WEBBIES Nearly 80% of children from birth to age 5 use
the Internet weekly.  25% of children ages 2 to 5 can open a
web browser without help.  Source “Always Connected” by Sesame
Workshop and the Joan Ganz Cooney Center; USA Today

TEACHING TO TITHE Kids ages 6 to 9 get an average of $4.45 a
week for allowance, mostly tied to chores and homework. 
However, out of the 480 families surveyed, only four said they use
allowance as a way to teach tithing and saving. 

TECH TALK When asked whether they were interested in learning a
faith-based perspective to being good users of technology without
letting things negatively impact their families-about 33% of
preteens and teens and 42% of parents said yes. 

A MATTER OF BALANCE  When asked for their greatest
challenge in ministry, church leaders named “balancing my to-do
list with the rest of my life” (35%), followed by “managing
volunteers” (22%), “understanding the priorities of our ministry”
(11%), “staying motivated” (9%) and “working as a team” (7%).

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