Statistics September October 2011


10 to 11 The daily recommended hours of sleep for 7-to

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7 of the top 10 grossing movies of 2010 were kids’ movies with
Toy Story 3 taking the top spot at $415 million.

25% of kids in the United Kingdom who admit trying to hack into
a friend’s Facebook account-even though 78% say it’s

70% The percent of parents who say they let their kids use an
iPad.  Following the release of the PBS KIDS, PBS
reported that parents downloaded an average of 8 apps specifically
for their kids.

90% of downloading parents said educational value was the most
important criteria when choosing an app.

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TEACHING TODDLERS Your nursery can be more than mere
“childcare.”  Offer simple toys for kids to explore, then
offer a sentence to tie the object faith.  If a child is
playing with a toy tiger, say, “God made tigers, and God made

PRESCHOOL WEBBIES Nearly 80% of children from birth to age 5 use
the Internet weekly.  25% of children ages 2 to 5 can open a
web browser without help.  Source “Always Connected” by Sesame
Workshop and the Joan Ganz Cooney Center; USA Today

TEACHING TO TITHE Kids ages 6 to 9 get an average of $4.45 a
week for allowance, mostly tied to chores and homework. 
However, out of the 480 families surveyed, only four said they use
allowance as a way to teach tithing and saving. 

TECH TALK When asked whether they were interested in learning a
faith-based perspective to being good users of technology without
letting things negatively impact their families-about 33% of
preteens and teens and 42% of parents said yes. 

A MATTER OF BALANCE  When asked for their greatest
challenge in ministry, church leaders named “balancing my to-do
list with the rest of my life” (35%), followed by “managing
volunteers” (22%), “understanding the priorities of our ministry”
(11%), “staying motivated” (9%) and “working as a team” (7%).



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