Statistics May June 2012


OVER 100 MILLION  The number of votes cast at the second
annual Cartoon Network Hall of Game Awards.  The number of
kids ages 6 to 11 who tuned in nearly doubled from 2011, up a
whopping 92% according to Nielson Media Research. 

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MORE-LESS  Girls age 8 to 12 who spent an average of 6.9
hours of media time during the day were less happy than those who
spent less time with media, according to a Stanford University
study of a Discovery Girls online magazine survey. 

TABLET SITTER Of families that own digital tablets (such as iPad
and Kindle Fire), 77% say their kids use it to play games, while
41% say they’ve used a tablet to entertain their kids in the car or
while out to eat.  (

73%  The percentage of kids ages 6 to 11 who said sharing,
being kind, and helping others are just as important to learn as
reading, writing and math to be successful in life.  This
C&R Research study also found that when kids are exposed to
these character-building skills, they volunteer in their community
more frequently.  (

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ALARMING TREND  A new study from the Child Development
journal reveals that kids in fourth grade who exhibited signs of
depression were more likely to be picked on when they
reached fifth grade.  These same kids who were picked on in
fifth grade were less accepted by peers the following years in
sixth grade.  (

The Basics  ChildFund International asked 5,000 10- to
12-year-olds worldwide, “What would you do as president (or leader)
to improve children’s lives?”  The overwhelming answer in
every country except the U.S. was “improve education.”  In the
U.S. the top answer was “make sure kids have homes.”

62%  The percentage of Christian kids in England and Wales
who say they have the same religion as their parents, according to
a Cardiff University study.  Muslim children were asked the
same question-and 98% say they have their parent’s religion. 

1.5 Million  The number of home-schooled kids in the U.S.,
according to a survey by the National Center for Education
Statistics.  More than 83% of parents who home-school say they
had “a desire to provide religious or moral instruction” as the
most important reason for educating in the home. 

HEADS UP In Ontario, Canada where youth hockey is tops, the
number of concussions in young people has doubled in the last
decade.  (

KIDS DEVOUR CHOICES  Researchers at Cornell University
found that when they gave kids only carrots without another
vegetable choice, 69% of kids ate them.  But when they gave
kids a choice of carrots or celery, 89% of kids chose and ate the
carrots.  (

GOOD GUYS, BAD GUYS  A study using puppets revealed that
babies as young as 8 months want to see consequences for bad
behavior.  The researchers concluded that children begin to
learn a sense of justice from a very early age. 
Source:  ABC News

WHAT ARE YOU READING?  55% of 3- to 5-year-olds not yet in
kindergarten have family members who read to them daily. 
Consider recommending a preschool Bible, such as My First Hands-On
Bible (, to help parents use reading time to build faith
at home.  Source:

MUSICAL TAKE-HOMES  The Sunday morning ride with your
favorite Christian music is perfect for a faith-connection: 
69% of parents share music with their kids-and 85% of kids say
they’ve listened to music with parents “in the last week.” 
Source:  Six un-truths of Today’s Youth,
outhbeat, C&R Research

MAKING IT STICK  You make Sundays memorable!  Adults
remember being involved at church as children more often than as
teenagers, and seven out of 10 adults remember being “engaged every
week” in Sunday school before age 12.  Source:

Three Sisters

Sex Offenders Target Nonprofits  Every 11.5 hours a
registered sex offender attempts to obtain a position at a
nonprofit organization!  From more than 5.8 million background
checks completed for the nonprofit sector in the last six years,
more than 870,510 individuals (15%) with at least one criminal
conviction attempted to gain employment or to volunteer with a
nonprofit organization.  Source:  LexisNexis






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