Statistics May June 2011


1 in 4 The ratio of children who struggled to
get enough to eat at some time in the U.S.  

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Hand to Mouth 50% of shopping cart handles and
baskets where toddlers sit while parents shop tests positive for E.
coli, a fecal bacteria that can cause serious infections and

nerg 677 The number of energy drink overdoses
reported to the American Association of Poison Control Centers
between October and December 2010.  According to the report, a
quarter of the reported cases involved kids younger than 6. 
Energy drinks are currently the fastest growing segment of the U.S.
beverage market with sales expected to top $9 billion this

ON THE BALL 92 Percent of parents say they’ve
established rules for their child’s internet activity, according to
I-Safe Research.  

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SCREEN TIME OD  Ten Percent of Canadian
kids say they spend at least seven hours per day in front of a
screen-either TV or computer-in a recent study.

59% The percentage of children who said
religion has a negative impact in the world, according to a survey
conducted by Penguin Books in the U.K.

80,000 The number of twitter followers
singer/musician Justin Bieber lost the day he unveiled his new
haircut on TV.  Following the $750 trim, Bieber distributed
locks of his recently shorn hair to various charities who will, in
turn, auction them to raise money. 

ALTERNATE REALITY 45% of kids say they feel
more comfortable online than offline.  The reason?  “It’s
easier to be who you want to be, because nobody knows you and if
you don’t like the situation, you can just exit and it’s

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67 MILLION The number of children worldwide who
don’t attend school, according to the U.N. education agency. 
This number includes the 28 million children caught in armed

NEVER ALONE There are 614,000 active-duty U.S.
military personnel with children.  While it can be hard for
kids to be away from parents at any age, young children have an
especially hard time understanding where Mom or Dad is, and they
can suffer from separation anxiety more than older children. 
Comfort these little ones in your ministry by continually
communicating that God is always with them.  Source: 
U.S. Department of Defense 2009 Demographics Survey

children ages 3 to 4 are enrolled in preschool, according to
October 2009 census data.  That means more than half of the
preschoolers in your ministry are learning throughout the week to
play cooperatively with others and listen when adults talk. 
So talk to your local preschools to see if you can borrow some of
the discipline strategies they use-ones your kids already
know.  Source:  U.S. Census Bureau

SURFING SAFELY Do you provide a list of cool,
safe, faith-based websites for the parents and kids in your
ministry?  In 2009, 61% of kids ages 8 to 9 reported that they
were on the internet an hour or more each day?  In 2010? 
76%  Source:  Harris Interactive

WHAT, ME WORRY?  Four out of every 10 kids
ages 8 to 12 admit to worrying about how they look or being
overweight, while 55% worry about getting good grades.  At the
bottom of the worry chart?  12% are concerned they won’t find
a boyfriend or gorlfriend.  Source: Harris

volunteers program managers in Minnesota reported that people hit
by unemployment often turn to volunteering to gain skills and
references.  In the study, 66 percent “of those organizations
experiencing increased inquiries about volunteering indicated the
increase was prinmarily driven by unemployed
people.”  (






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