Statistics March April 2012


FAKE I.D. FOR FACEBOOK 7.5 million Facebook users are under age
13, a violation of the site’s privacy policy.  Of those 7.5
million, 5 million are 10 or under- and largely unsupervised. 

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74%  According to Gallup, the percentage of fifth-graders
who agreed with the statement “in the last seven days, I’ve
received recognition or praise for doing good schoolwork.” 
Only 31% of ninth-grade students agreed with this statement-meaning
kids get less praise and recognition as they age.

33% of kids around the world buy things online-and 24% of them
do so without their parents’ knowledge.

DOUBLE BLESSING Mothers in the U.S. today have twins more often,
at a rate of one in every 30 babies-an increase from one in 53 back
in 1980.  (

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203,243,321 Views for Charlie McDonnell, AKA
CharlieIsSoCoolLike, an English video blogger and musician who
currently resides in London.  His clever video and fun music
are extremely popular with preteens, garnering 1,379,117
subscribers on YouTube since posting his first video at 16 years

Fading Out SpongeBob?  The number of kids ages 2 to 11
watching Nickelodeon has steadily dropped over the last quarter of
2011, as compared to 2010.  Numbers were down 11% in
September, down 17% in October, and down !9% in November. 

4 million The number of handheld Nintendo 3DS kids’ gaming
systems sold in the U.S. since its launch in February of 2011,
reports  Nintendo also sold more than 4.5 million
Wii game consoles during 2011.

Pingpong Blow

17 Percent    Scientists who describe themselves
as either atheists or agnostics but who attend church so their kids
can make their own decision.  (

26%  Kids among lower-income families who say they “watch
educational TV often”; that number plummets to 5% regarding use of
educational computer games or iPad apps according to

38%  The percentage of unadopted kids in foster care in the
U.S. who’ve been prescribed anti-psychotic medication for a period
longer than 90 days.  (

OVER-STIMULATED?  About one-third of kids ages 6 months to
23 months have a TV in their bedrooms, despite the American Academy
of Pediatrics’ guidelines recommending that kids under age 2 avoid
screen time altogether.  Keep the media to a minimum in your
nursery.  Source:  Wall Street Journal

PRESCHOOL TAKES A HIT  Preschool attendance dropped during
the recent economic recession.  Of black, white, and Latino
preschoolers, Latinos had the most dramatic decline in attendance,
dropping from 53% to 48% in 2010.  Experts believe families
hardest hit by the recession were most likely to pull their kids
from programs.  Perhaps your church’s preschool could reach
these families now.  Source:  U.C. Berkeley

STILL CONCRETE  At 6 to 10 years, kids’ concrete thinking
begins to give way to more analytical thinking.  Still, the
sensory act of touching a pet rabbit is much more meaningful than
hearing something is “soft like a bunny,” which requires making an
additional connection.  Source:

SUNDAY MORNING STORYTELLERS  You might be surprised to find
gifted bible storytellers among your most enthusiastic
gamers.  A study of nearly 500 12-year-olds revealed a
correlation between playing video games and creativity in areas
such as drawing, writing, and telling stories. 
Source:  Michigan State University

UNHAPPY TEAM MEMBERS  65% of team members surveyed said
they’ve received no recognition or appreciation on the job in the
past 12 months.  Only 8% felt their top management cared about
them personally.  And 70% admit to being disengaged or
under-engaged in their work.  Source:

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