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Playtime  Kids observed playing outdoors
revealed some surprising observations:  Girls were less active
than boys, kids were most active with lots of other kids, and kids
were less active with their parents present, according to a study
cited in The American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

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BLARE’S BEARS for Haiti  This
organization, created by then 12-year-old Blare Gooch, has given
25,000 bears to kids in Haiti, and another 22,000 bears to other
nonprofits.  His advice?  “If you’re young and think you
can’t make a big difference in the world, well, you actually

52,340 The number of children adopted out of
the child-welfare system in the U.S. in 2010.

16 million The number of Latino kids living in
the U.S., 25.3% of whom live in poverty.

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90% The amount of parents who say their
children under age 2 have access to some form of electronic
media.  On average, kids this age watch television one to two
hours per day.  By age 3, almost one third of children have a
TV set in their bedroom. 

75% The percentage of U.S. children ages 2 to
13 with access to smart phones, 50% have access to an iPod Touch,
25% tote tablets, and 33% of 10 to 13-year-olds have their own
phones.  This all according to the report Mobile Playgrounds:
Kids, Families, & Mobile Play.

30% The percentage of parents (out of
79,000 tested) who use their child’s car seat correctly. 

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ONE PER SECOND The rate at which kids are
adopting Puffles-virtual pets in Disney’s mega hit
an online world for kids.  Puffles have become a phenomenon in
their own right, with more than 25 million adopted in

453,559  The number of children 5 and
under who accidently “ingested a single pharmaceutical product”
between 2001 and 2008.  55% of these little ones got into the
bottle on their own.

49% Percentage of children who say they worry
“a little” about their family’s financial situation.  22% say
they worry “a lot,” and 14% say they’re “totally stressed” about
it, according to a 2010 poll of 2,000 children conducted by
the Neumors Foundation. 

SOLID FOUNDATION A remarkable fact:  80%
of the brain develops by age 3.  The social, intellectual, and
spiritual ways you’re pouring into young kids sets an incredibly
important foundation!  Source:  National Association of
Child Care Resources and Referral Agencies:  Child Care in
America Fact Sheet, 2008-2009 

PRESCHOOL EYESIGHT Preschool vision problems
might be more prevalent than you think:  About 4% of
preschoolers have myopia (nearsightedness).  21% have
hyperopia (farsightedness), and 10% have astigmatism.  What
can your ministry do to accommodate preschoolers with impaired
vision?  Source:  Medscape Medical News

DISTRACTED KIDS  If the kids in your
ministry are unfocused, there might be a good reason.  Between
1996 and 2008, the number of kids in the U.S. taking ADHD
medication rose from 1.8 million to 2.3 million, according to a
recent survey.  The age group that’s most medicated? 
Kids ages 6 to 12, with 5.1% of this age group receiving prescribed
stimulants.  Source:  American Journal of Psychiatry

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THEREFORE, GO  Could it be that your kids
are already wired for missions?  When asked, “What would you
like to do someday?” 51% of 8 to 12-year-olds answered, “Travel
through-out the world” and 50% said, “Be able to speak another
language.”  Source:  Harris Interactive

GEN X Times Two  Gen Xers (born between
1965 and 1981) have more than doubled their volunteer rate from
12.3% in 1989 when they were teenagers to 29.2% today as adults,
according to the annual Volunteering in America report. 


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