Starting a Day Care in Your Church


Meet the needs of children and their families in your community by starting a day care in your church.

Many churches searching for the “perfect” outreach ministry may find it in the children who are sitting on their knees or snuggled in the arms of the people they want to reach. That’s because the most important decision employed parents make is choosing who will care for their children while they work.

Why should a church consider sponsoring a day-care center? In their book Early Childhood Ministry and Your Church, authors Kathleen Seaton and Linda Rothaar state, “A healthy congregation is one in which there is an awareness of the real needs in the community, respect and love for all people, and a gospel-driven drive to serve others.”

Michele Marr, communications director of St. Matthews Episcopal Church in Newport Beach, California, says 12 desperate parents call every week inquiring about day care. As a result, her church is praying about and researching the possibilities of opening a facility. “With so much publicity about child abuse,” says Marr, “parents tend to prefer a church day care because it feels safer.”

What better way to meet families’ needs in your community than inviting children and families into a church-sponsored day care?

REACHING OUT Churches with day-care facilities have a sense of mission. Robin Reed directs Carpenter’s Kids, a preschool for nearly 400 children under the age of 6. Her church, South Haven Baptist of Springfield, Missouri, considers its facility a ministry of the entire congregation.

“Families need to have a place where they can feel unconditional love,” she says. “They want an environment where their children’s total needs are met-spiritual, physical, emotional, and academic.”

Smaller facilities find that size does not limit their outreach to the community. Gayle Beeler, of Grace Evangelical Free Church in Longmont, Colorado, purposely involves the 30 children in her preschool in community activities. Whenever the children are out in the community, others notice that these children attend a church-sponsored day care. It’s another way to let people know about your church.

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