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Spring Fever

This activity was a hit with our preschool through eighth-graders to teach the story of creation. It takes about 20 minutes, but the kids will probably ask to do it twice. Before class, collect the items listed in parentheses for each activity.

Have someone with a soothing voice be the narrator. Give him or her a flashlight to read the Bible passage. Have teachers sit with their classes. Begin with the lights out. Play classical music in the background as the narrator reads aloud Genesis 1.

As each thing in creation is mentioned, use the corresponding special effect:

1. "Let there be light"-(Turn on the room lights.)

2. "The evening and the morning were the first day"-(Turn off the room lights.)

3. "Dividing the waters"-(Play recorded water sounds. Spray water in front of an oscillating fan so it lightly sprays kids.)

4. "Fruits and seeds"-(Pause as an orange is broken open in front of the fan, allowing the aroma to fill the room.)

5. "Sun"-(Turn a three-way lamp on high inside a black cardboard tube. It should make a round bright light.)

6. "Moon"-(Turn the lamp to its lowest setting and shine it through the cardboard tube for a dimmer light.)

7. "Stars"-(Cover a box-style cheese grater with black poster board on the three sides with the largest holes. Shine a light inside the cheese grater and move around the room sprinkling the stars over the ceiling-kids love this part!)

8. "Fish and fowl"-(Play recorded whale and dolphin sounds, then bird sounds.)

9. "Animals"-(Play animal sounds.)

10. "Humans"-(Play sounds of people talking or singing.)

11. "Rest"-(Play sounds of waves and music.)

Afterward, serve fruit and dip for snacks.

Melodee Lovering
Dundalk, Ontario

For our summer service project, we asked kids to save their pennies to purchase vacation Bible school materials for kids in Haiti. When laid side by side, 16 pennies equal 12 inches, or one foot. So when children brought 16 pennies, they wrote their names on construction paper feet, and we put all the feet on our Wall of Fame at church.

Bonnie Newell
Middletown, Ohio

We've used the virtual reality pet craze to help our kids think about the way their families love and care for them.

Each week we loan out a Church Tamagotchi to a child to care for in the coming week. Children also get a work sheet to fill out to help them understand the activity. Kids return their work sheets when they bring their pets back to church, and we talk about what their week was like. This has been a big hit with our kids!

Items on the "Tamagotchi & You" work sheet:

•While feeding your pet, ask family members what their favorite foods are and list them.

•After playing with your pet, ask family members what their favorite games are and list them.

•After you've cleaned up your pet's mess, list the chores you do around your house.

•When your pet falls asleep, remember to say your prayers. What does your family pray for at the end of the day?

•If your pet is sick, tell it a joke. Laughter is good medicine (Proverbs 17:22). What's the funniest thing that ever happened to your family?

•Give your pet a checkup and while you're at it, measure the height of everyone in your family.

•Gotta discipline your pet too! What's the most important rule in your house?

Richard Weiss
Moon Township, Pennsylvania


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