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Spring Blossoms

Spring -blossom

While paper flowers are never quite as awe-inspring as God's handiwork, the crepe paper flower blossoms kids will create in this craft project are simply amazing.

These fluffy, bright flower blossom crafts are a snap to create. You'll need various colors of tissue paper or crepe paper cut into 10X20-inch wide strips and chenille craft wires.

Have kids stack six tissue or crepe paper strips, and then smooth them flat. Then have kids fold the stacks lengthwise, accordion-style, in 2-inch sections, making five folds. Have kids twist a chenille craft wire tightly around the center of the accordion-folded paper.

To create the blossoms, spread the folds on both sides of the chenille craft wire and gently pull each layer of tissue or crepe paper toward the center. When all the layers have been pulled, a beautiful flower blossom remains.

Because these flowers are easy to create, kids can make several to give as gifts, or they can create a colorful array of flowers for a unique bulletin board display.

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