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Splish! Splash!

Carmen Kamrath

5 fabulous ways to shower your kids and community with laughter and love this summer!

Certain things are synonymous with summer, and one that's a sure hit with kids is water! Cool, refreshing, and fun -- water is the perfect element when the sun scorches on a mid­summer afternoon. And the Bible is brimming with stories that reference water -- so it's a great tool to drench kids' faith growth!

Whether it's an all-day water event at your church or a single activity to help kids cool off on a hot summer day, use these wet-and-wild activities to help kids have fun and refresh their faith.

  1. Raindrop Relay
  2. Ice Cold Toes
  3. Dodge the Stones
  4. Swim, Jonah, Swim!
  5. Seed, Seed, Grow!

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