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Special Section: Princesses and Pirates

Robin Quackenbush


Use these ideas to follow up with every princess and her family after your event.

• Majestic memories-Send or email a photo using a princess template frame to every girl in attendance. Include a thank you for coming to the Royal Princess Breakfast and information about upcoming family events at your church. For a princess photo frame template and thank you, click here.

• Designed to shine-Offer small groups for preteen girls to dig deeper into their relationship with their King and to learn about the Christian qualities worth pursuing as young women. For preschool-age girls, host a princess day once a month where they can come back to church in their princess attire to do princess crafts and games, and remember that Jesus is their king.


A mysterious eye patch, bare feet, and a plastic sword can turn video game junkies into daring pirates in search of adventure and priceless booty. All boys have hearts that yearn for adventure and an innate love of action and mystery. Capitalize on these natural pursuits by encouraging boys to gain a sense of strength and courage that only God can provide. Host this swashbuckling fun dinner for boys to experience God's wild love for them and learn about the strength and courage Jesus provides.


Enter if you dare: All young lads are invited to a pirate adventure on the high seas!


• Ask people in your congregation to give Pirate Adventure invitations to boys they know in their neighborhood. Send invitations home with kids at community day care centers, preschools, and elementary schools. Consider placing an ad for your dinner in the community section of your local newspaper. Use parchment paper with burned edges to create invitations for boys in your ministry, and challenge them to invite friends from school, sports teams, and clubs. For a downloadable invitation, click here.

• Gather items to transform your meeting space into a pirate ship's galley. Collect treasure chests, gold coins, faux jewels, and fine cotton to stretch for spider webs. Plastic spiders, mice, and bugs add to the gross factor that boys love. Purchase dark blue or black plastic table coverings to cover the ceiling, and hunt for wooden barrels to use as containers for your drinks or as decorations. Use battery-operated candles to light the room for dinner.

• Recruit first mates (table sponsors), a Pirate Captain emcee, a decorating and clean-up crew, a photographer, and adult pirates to serve grub.

• Plan your dinner menu and either order food from a caterer in advance or recruit table sponsors to shop for menu items. You may also ask your

table sponsors to each donate one food item for the dinner.

Galley Grub Menu

Green Guts Punch

Hardy-Har Hot Dogs

Wavy Cheese Curls

Mutiny Macaroni and Cheese

Scurvy-Fighting Fruits

Gory Gummy Worms in Chocolate Pudding

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