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Special Section: Princesses and Pirates

Robin Quackenbush

Invite children into a land where princesses rule and pirates sail and where they get to come face to face with the true King of kings with this children's ministry activity...

Imagine a world where princesses live happily ever after in castles, or where pirates battle on the high seas. Nothing grabs kids' imaginations quite like dressing up for fun in a make-believe world. Here are two unforgettable events that let kids combine the delight of a fantasy with the real-life truth of Jesus' power and love.

Royal Pricess Breakfast

Tiaras, flowing gowns, and sparkly shoes--little girls just love to be princesses. They spend hours dressing up to become little monarchs. In a world that offers them values far different from what God has for them, girls are pressured to wear the latest fashions at a young age and have all the right stuff. Often the world tells them that their value is based on what they have, not who they are. But you can remind girls they truly are princesses--because Jesus is the King of kings. He offers them unconditional love and a home in the kingdom of heaven. Use this royal breakfast to reach out to all the princesses in your community.

Imperial Preparations

Hear, Ye! Hear, Ye! All young maidens are cordially invited to attend the Royal Princess Breakfast!


• Encourage people in your congregation to give Royal Proclamation invitations to girls they know, such as neighbors, relatives, and friends. Send the invitations home with kids at local day care centers, preschools, and elementary schools. Consider placing an ad for your breakfast in the community section of your local newspaper. For girls in your church, send home invitations rolled in a scroll and tied with a ribbon. Provide extra scroll invitations for girls to give to their friends in school, sports teams, or clubs.

• Recruit royal courtiers to help with your event when you send out invitations. Recruit table sponsors (one for each table of eight or fewer), bakers, trumpeters, a host princess, a knight, maids-in-waiting, storytellers, decorators, a clean-up crew, and a photographer. Email a letter and schedule to each courtier outlining his or her specific duties. For sample job descriptions, a schedule, and royal invitations, click here.

• Gather decorations such as flower arrangements, tulle fabric, white Christmas lights, candelabras, and candles. Create a large, faux tiered cake to display in your breakfast room. Obtain adult costumes for your knight, host princess, and maids-in-waiting. Plan your breakfast menu and either order food in advance or recruit a royal courtier to shop for menu items. Or ask table sponsors to each donate one food item for the breakfast.

Royal Gala Menu

Her Majesty's Orange Juice

Truly Magnificent Milk

Courtly Cheese Quiche

Majestic Mixed Fruit

Marvelous Mini Muffins

Stately Sausage Balls

Haute Chocolate

Extra Fancy Cake

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