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Code Name: Sword of the Spirit

Directive: Stay strong with God’s Word.

Armor: Psalm 19

Basic Training: Tell kids that hiding God’s Word
in our hearts isn’t just about memorizing Scripture. We take God’s
Word to heart and commit it to memory to rely on it and recall it
when we need help. The sword of God’s Word is an offensive weapon
to guard our hearts and minds and guide us. Read Psalm 19 together
and discuss its meaning. Have kids identify all the things that
this psalm says about the Bible.

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Covert Ops Challenge: Challenge kids to take the
Scripture home and share it with one other person during the week.
Also challenge kids to write one verse from Psalm 19 on a 3×5 card
and tape it to their bathroom mirror to see each morning. Have them
meditate on it daily as they brush their teeth.

Mission Accomplished: When kids return, have them
talk about how it felt to share Psalm 19 with another person. Then
have kids each tell what they discovered as they meditated on their
verse this last week.

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