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Code Name: Take Out the Trash

Directive: Get rid of garbage in your life.

Armor: Philippians 4:8

Basic Training: Ask kids if they’ve ever
forgotten to take out the trash and only remembered when it started
stinking. Rotten trash can change the dynamic of an entire room –
and not in a good way.

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Tell kids that the same thing happens when we let “trash” enter
our minds and hearts; it starts to invade every part of our lives,
leaving little room for anything else. If we instead fill our minds
with the things God loves, we can keep our hearts and minds in line
with Jesus and in turn, impact those around us for good.

Bring in a small bag of garbage from home. Pour the garbage into a
flat box or pan and tell kids that they’re going to categorize the
trash by what’s good trash and what’s bad. (You can provide gloves
if you want, or just have kids look at it to create their

When finished, ask kids: What makes trash good or bad?
What makes something good or bad to have in our lives? When does
something good possibly become bad for us?

Read the Scripture. Ask: How can the filters in this verse
determine what’s good or bad?

Covert Ops Challenge: In their “Operation: Faith
Challenge” journals, have kids list their favorite music, video
games, and TV shows. Then have them list all the words from
Philippians 4:8 in their journals. Challenge kids to spend time
this week determining if their favorite things fit each filter in
this verse.

Have kids write Philippians 4:8 on a 3×5 card. Challenge kids to
tape the card to their stereo, television, or video game console
for the week. Challenge kids to use the card as a filter for what
they’re allowing to enter their minds and hearts. Pray for God’s
guidance in showing kids what brings them down rather than builds
them up.

Mission Accomplished: When kids return, challenge
them to select any shows, songs, or games they’ve decided they need
to toss out with the trash. Have them write these items on separate
sheets of paper. Then play a game of Trash Can Hoop Shoot where
kids try to make a “basket” as they throw away the garbage.


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