Special Section: Operation Faith Challenge



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Code Name: Judgment Call

Directive: Honor God with your thoughts and

Armor: 1 Corinthians 13:4-7; 13

Basic Training: Tell kids that at times we all do
and say things we later regret. Form groups of four, and give each
group a situation to act out — first in a negative way, then in a
positive way.

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Use these situations:

  • A friend shoplifts when you’re at the mall
  • You hear friends talk poorly about someone.
  • Your friends make fun of you because you don’t use bad
  • You’re at a friend’s house and the family watches a movie your
    parents won’t allow you to watch.
  • Your friends vandalize a neighbor’s house while you’re walking
    home from school with them.
  • Your parents tell you to do something, but you don’t want

Read the Scripture. After the two versions of each situation, ask
kids how faith, hope, or love could’ve made a difference in that
situation. Then ask which response — positive or negative — is
easier to have in real life.

Covert Ops Challenge: In their “Operation: Faith
Challenge” journals, have kids list 10 synonyms for each quality:
faith, hope, and love. Then challenge kids to journal during the
week about how they lived out these qualities in situations they

Mission Accomplished: When kids return, have them
use markers to create a banner for each quality: faith, hope, and
love. On the banners, have kids write examples of how they
demonstrated each quality this last week. Have kids draw a thick
red line under those examples and then work with a partner to
brainstorm and write new ideas to show these qualities to others
over the summer and in the coming school year.


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