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Special Section: Operation Faith Challenge

Danielle Bell


Grow kids' faith this summer with this 7-week challenge.

Kids live on a battlefield -- a world filled with temptation, attacks on their innocence, and fiery darts of doubt. As in any struggle, battles succeed based on the skills of elite covert operatives -- people who are adequately equipped to emerge victorious.

This summer mobilize your elementary-age kids to tackle seven weeks of covert faith-impacting challenges that'll help them grow as they think about and live out their faith. When kids engage in these faith-building, truth-finding missions, you'll equip them to guard their hearts and rise up victorious in their faith.


Code Name:
With God's Power

Directive: Grow stronger with God's help.

Armor: 2 Corinthians 12:7-10

Basic Training: Tell kids that we often try to hide things about ourselves that we don't want others to know, such as our weaknesses. Read the Scripture. Give each child an undecorated party mask (available at party stores and Have kids each write their name and two weaknesses they have on the interior of the mask where others can't see. Kids may write "jealousy of my sister's good grades" or "avoiding chores." Collect the masks.

Covert Ops Challenge: Challenge kids to ask God for help with their weaknesses. Remind kids that God can change our weaknesses into our strengths. Challenge kids to do one thing this week that transforms their weaknesses into strengths, such as complimenting their siblings or completing their chores before being asked to do them. Have kids journal during the week in their "Operation: Faith Challenge" journals.

Mission Accomplished: When kids return, give each child two bandages. Kids can write each action they took on a bandage and stick it over the weakness they wrote inside the mask. Have kids decorate their masks and hang them on the wall to celebrate.

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