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Here’s some interesting info from the latest Inconoculture mailing…

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  • The Bridge in Joplin, Missouri, is a massive entertainment complex for teenagers that includes a state-of-the-art concert hall, gymnasiums, a skatepark and an Internet café. And it’s all a Christian outreach ministry, to keep kids out of trouble and into the Lord.
  • With its wide variety of services and facilities, the complex aims to be a one-stop, all-day rec center built on nondenominational Christian values.
  • Prices are low and highly customizable. A three-hour session on the climbing wall? $7. A yearly all-access pass to everything? $650. Eternal life? Priceless.
  • Christians increasingly are demanding mainstream recreation and popular culture that reflects their values. It’s a nice convergence with kids’ need to have somewhere to go and something to do.
  • Urban ministries are emerging that reach out to youth through rock ‘n’ roll, skating culture and other activities for healthy heart, mind and soul.
Check it out…
The Bridge in Joplin, MO


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