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Predisaster Solutions

The best defense is a good offense, right? So here are some
ideas to help prevent these kinds of disasters from happening in
the first place.

• Protect flooring. Purchase lots of cheap plastic
tablecloths (look for them on clearance after summer holidays) or
shower curtain liners. Spread them on the floor under tables and
chairs before beginning potentially messy or spillable crafts

• Use classroom-friendly supplies. Use erasable or
washable markers in the classroom-don’t allow any other types of
markers, especially permanent ones, in classes for kids under age

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• Secure supplies. Keep all craft supplies in a high or
locked cabinet so curious little ones can’t get into them when your
back’s turned.

• Ration spillable items. Dole out small amounts of glue,
paint, glitter, and other messy supplies in small paper cups. This
limits the size of a potential spill vs. emptying the entire bottle
on the table or floor.

• Stock up. Finally, stock a child-proof supply cabinet
with plenty of cleaning weapons that have multiple uses: vinegar,
Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, Goo Gone, dish soap, stain sprays, baby
wipes, and lots of paper towels.

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