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Bodily Fluids

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Follow OSHA requirements for clean up and disinfecting of bodily
fluids. Wear gloves and a mask, and dispose of all cleaning
materials properly.

• Blood Stains-Wet the area with cold water. Then apply a
paste of meat tenderizer and water, and rub it into the stain. Let
the paste sit for a few minutes and wash.

• Urine Odor-Combine 1 part white vinegar to 1 part water
and sponge the area.

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• Vomit Stains-Remove solid matter then apply shaving
cream. Let it sit for five minutes then scrub the stain

• Vomit Odor-Sprinkle unused coffee grounds onto the
affected area and leave for several hours. Remove the loose grounds
and then vacuum. Do not put coffee on carpeting when the stain is
still wet or you’ll end up with a brand-new stain to deal with.
Trust us.

Or sprinkle the affected area generously with baking soda. Wait an
hour, remove any wet clumps, and vacuum.

Pulverized Play Dough

We love play dough! Not only is it tons of fun, it’s also the
easiest disaster to recover from!

• Ground-In-The best way to deal with ground-in play dough
in carpet, fabrics, and upholstery is to do nothing. Simply allow
it to dry completely. Then loosen it with a stiff brush such as a
pet-hair brush, and vacuum up the bits.

Don’t use heat, water, or cleaning solutions or you’ll end up with
a colorful, soggy mess.

Stuck-On Stickers

Stickers seem to find their way onto almost every imaginable
surface in the classroom-including the floor. Here’s a guide for
getting them unstuck.

• Gummy Residue-Use Goo Gone solvent to disolve the
adhesive and remove the sticker. You can also use nail-polish
remover if you can’t get Goo Gone.

• Delicate Surfaces-Spread a thin layer of peanut butter
on the sticker only and leave it overnight. In the morning, simply
wipe it off.

• Non-Wood Surfaces-Rub a little petroleum jelly on the
sticker and let it sit for 10 minutes. Then wipe the sticker off
and use some cleanser to remove the petroleum residue.

Soda and Kool-Aid Fiascos

Food and drinks are the stuff children’s ministry is made of. So
it’s no wonder that the carpet has the same eye-catching array of
stains as Kool-Aid’s entire flavor catalog. Here’s how to get
bright-colored drinks out of your carpet and upholstery.

• Fresh Stains-Spray the fresh stain with Lysol
Antibacterial Kitchen Cleaner spray. This also works well for
removing soft-drink stains from counters.

• Spills-Completely cover the stain with salt. After it’s
dry, vacuum up the salt, which will absorb the moisture and color
from the carpet.

• Set-In Stains-Scrub the stain with a baby wipe.


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